Just the Right Speed

Tammy Too Fast, Tammy Too Slow

By Gail Radley

Tammy is too fast, and Tammy is too slow.

Tammy is too fast taking puppy his water and too slow taking puppy for a walk.

Tammy is too fast riding her tricycle and too slow pulling Davy’s wagon.

Tammy is too fast showing her toys to her friends and too slow putting her toys away.

Tammy is too fast walking in the park and too slow walking in the shopping mall.

Tammy is too fast eating her snack and too slow eating her dinner.

Tammy is too fast taking her bath at night and too slow getting ready for bed.

Too fast and too slow, all-day long!  But at the end of a busy day, Tammy is just the right speed for settling down on Daddy’s lap for a bedtime story!

  • May 3rd, 2017
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