Finally, a Doll She Can Relate To


By Terry Barnett

There was an octopus named Gertrude.

Her body was pink and her head was too.

Gertrude had lots of dolls,

Such as fish dolls and dish dolls.

Dolls that cry and dolls that squeak,

Dolls that laugh and dolls that peek

Good and bad dolls

Happy and sad dolls.

The only doll Gertrude didn’t have

Was an O C T O P U S doll.

So Gertrude went out the door,

And headed right for the toy store.

She found a box that had lots of dolls

And lots of balls.

Finally she found an octopus doll.

It was purple, and Mildred was what it was called.

Happily she strolled back to her home,

With a new octopus doll of her very own.

  • April 26th, 2017
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