A Kitten Goes to the Zoo




Mag was a mother cat.

She had one kitten.

The kitten was small, so Mag named her Small Kitten.

Mag and Small Kitten lived with the Zoo Keeper at the City Zoo.

One day after Mag and Small Kitten woke up from a long night of sleep, Mag asked Small Kitten if she wanted to go into the zoo and see some of the other animals that lived there.

Small Kitten did not know what the Zoo would be like. Small Kitten did not know what other animals looked like either, but she was curious and said yes.

Mag and Small Kitten left the Zoo Keeper’s house and walked towards the main gate of the Zoo.

Small Kitten ran in front of her Mother because she was so happy to be going with her to the Zoo.

When Mag and Small Kitten were close to the gate, Small Kitten stopped at a large sign. Mag told Small Kitten that the sign read, “ZOO. “

Small Kitten slowed down when she saw a large gray animal with a trunk and large floppy ears. ELEPHANT was printed on the sign. The elephant was swinging its trunk from side to side.

Small Kitten ran to the next animal. It had long ears, a bobtail, and was eating grass. “That is a RABBIT,” said Mag to Small Kitten.

Mag turned around and saw another animal. It had sharp spines sticking out all over its body. Small kitten looked at the sign near the spiny animal. PORCUPINE was neatly printed on the sign.

Small Kitten wanted to see more animals so she ran ahead. The next animal she saw had a black mask on its face and a striped tail. The animal was friendly and said to Small Kitten, “Hi, I’m a RACCOON.”

Mag called to Small Kitten to follow her to the next animal. ANTELOPE was busy eating grass and barely looked over at Small Kitten or Mag. Small Kitten noticed that ANTELOPE had horns with small prongs at their tips.

Small Kitten saw another animal not far away. It was ARMADILLO.

It had small ears and its body was covered with a shell. When ARMADILLO saw Small Kitten, he rolled into a ball.

When Small Kitten looked for her mother, she found her next to a mother KANGAROO. Small Kitten noticed that the mother KANGAROO had long ears and a pouch. Something stuck its head out of the pouch, it was a baby KANGAROO. It happened so suddenly that it scared Small Kitten. She ran away to hide.

When Small Kitten looked up from her hiding place under a large leaf, she saw a pink bird with long legs and an unusual bill. The bird stuck its head into the water. When the bird lifted its head, water was running out of both sides of its mouth. Mag joined Small Kitten and said that is a FLAMINGO.

Small kitten was getting tired and asked Mag if they could go home.

Small Kitten stayed very close to Mag on their walk back to the Zoo Keeper’s House.

When Small Kitten entered their house, she jumped up into the window seat where the sun was shining. She yawned and stretched and went fast asleep.

Small Kitten dreamed about the animals that she had seen at the zoo. In the first part of her dream she became an ELEPHANT and the name she chose for herself was CATEPHANT. She had a long trunk and huge floppy ears.

Next Small Kitten became a RABBIT in her dream and she called herself a CATABBIT. Her large ears were standing up straight and her tiny brown nose moved quickly as she sniffed the air.

After being a CATABBIT for a while in her dream, Small kitten became a CATCUPINE. She had long sharp pointed bristles and a tiny black nose.

After a few minutes of being a CATCUPINE, Small Kitten saw herself as a raccoon. Her face had a black mask around her eyes and her nose was pointed. Her tail was fluffy and striped. I must be a CATACOON she dreamed.

A CATACOON has a good sense of smell. She smelled fresh grass and saw ANTELOPE. Instantly Small Kitten became a CATELOPE. Her head had short horns with little prongs on their tips. Her tail was short. She could leap quickly through the tall grass. Dreaming about being a CATELOPE was fun. She almost jumped on ARMADILLO.

ARMADILLO was moving slowly through the grass. Small Kitten wanted to be like ARMADILLO. She rolled into a ball with a thick shell to protect her. I will call myself CATADILLO.

Small Kitten saw a KANGAROO jumping and decided to change into a CATAGAROO.

Being a CATAGAROO was even more fun. She could jump on her back legs and keep her front legs up. She also liked having a pouch. Inside her pouch she kept a ball of yarn. The ball of yarn was one of her favorite toys.

Since she was a CATAGAROO, she could see farther because she was taller. She saw a FLAMINGO standing in a small pond. Small Kitten became a CATAMINGO. She liked her pink color and beautiful wings.

CATAMINGO heard a soft voice. The voice was saying, “Wake up Small Kitten, it is time for dinner.”

When Small Kitten awoke from her dream she saw Mag sitting next to her.

Small Kitten stretched and said, “Momma, I dreamed that I became the animals that I saw in the zoo today, except they all had cat faces like me.”

Mag looked at Small Kitten and said, “Small Kitten, what a sweet dream you had. One day when you grow up you will be a CAT and have cat features, like long stiff whiskers, a wonderful meow, and soft fur.”

The End

Copyright© 2004, Sylvester Allread

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