About Us

Reading Friend was founded in Houston, Texas, in 2011 by Anne Elizabeth Eaves. Ms. Eaves holds a BS Degree in Elementary Education. She is a certified reading specialist in elementary education, as well as a professional writer.

Her children's books and songs are licensed to more than a dozen web sites in the U.S., Australia, China and South Korea. Reading Friend has developed a unique reading program that relies heavily on word family recognition and phonemic awareness to teach children the skills they need to learn to read. This is accomplished with a series of fun-filled "Word Family" stories and songs and "Phonic Funnies" cartoons and songs. All of this is original content, created exclusively for Reading Friend.

It is delivered to households and classrooms via the internet and mobile devices as animated, read-aloud stories, poems, songs and videos. The result is a tried and true reading program with the look and feel of children's entertainment programming.